Seahawaii Apparel Tests the Waters for Expansion to the U.S. Mainland!

This summer SeaHawaii apparel is proudly testing the waters and expanding product offerings to the southern California marketplace through various COSTCO stores.

SeaHawaii, most known for their popular monkskin UV watershirts has been successfully creating, marketing and selling their apparel throughout Hawaii since 2008. Revenues have increased over 40% each year, and with expansion to California, they hope to see that increase in record breaking numbers. SeaHawaii has constantly been asked where on the mainland they are available. Now through the Costco Vendor Program in both the Los Angeles and San Diego market they will be.

The story of SeaHawaii begins with the founder Joe Pickard who was born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu with three brothers and one sister. The Hawaiian family took to the ocean each day, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, fishing or just exploring. In 1989 three brothers got their captains licenses, took a risk and created an ocean recreation business that provided customized water sports adventures for tourists from all over the world. Today the brothers can be seen on the west side of Oahu on the Pacific Ocean almost every day as they proudly wear the SeaHawaii Apparel to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun. The tourists and locals requested to purchase the shirts off their backs and the inspiration to continue their passions and enhance the tours lead to the development of the clothing line for ocean loving enthusiasts. "There is not a more unique ocean destination in the world than the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii's unique culture and ocean environment has dictated beach fashion for decades. From the invention of surfing, hula, the flower lei to the world famous aloha shirts and board shorts. The radical beach culture and a large part of the beach fashion sense originated or was inspired in Hawaii", says Joe Pickard, Owner and CEO. The ocean culture of Hawaii is world renowned thanks to Hawaii's world famous beaches, beautiful oceans and incredible surf breaks. The intent of SeaHawaii is to celebrate the innovation and inspiration that Hawaii has created for all ocean destinations throughout the world through ocean fashion. SeaHawaii has hereby created a line of apparel suited for everyone who is in love with the ocean, its marine life and the other gifts the ocean presents.

SeaHawaii began marketing its unisex apparel line to ocean lovers after receiving its federally registered trade name and trademarks. SeaHawaii was stopped from making that filing after a brief legal disruption regarding its trademark as the NFL, Seattle Seahawks proposed there was a conflict with their name and placed a cease and desist on SeaHawaii. SeaHawaii being a Native owned and operated entity, endured the legal dispute and secured its trade name and trademarks. Today the SeaHawaii brand is best known for its signature Monkskin watershirts which are comfortably worn by swimmers, snorkelers, surfers, divers, hikers, runners, gardeners, travelers or anyone who is looking for UPF 50+ sun protection in, around or out of the water.