UPF 50+ Popular Monkskin Unisex Watershirts

Seahawaii Monkskin Watershirt

SeaHawaii's popular man-made Monkskin Watershirts (unisex styles) were named monkskins because of the similarity to activity of the Hawaiian Monk Seals which are found on the shores of Hawaii - they are known to swim in the water, lay on the sand, roll around at the shoreline and soak up the sun. The Hawaiian monk seal is critically endangered. The population of Hawaiian monk seals is in decline. In 2010, it was estimated that only 1100 individuals remained.

The Hawaiian monk seal was officially designated as an endangered species on November 23, 1976, and is now protected by the Endangered Species Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act. It is illegal to kill, capture or harass a Hawaiian monk seal. Even with these protections, human activity along Hawaii's fragile coastlines (and in the world at large) still provides many stressors. All of us at SeaHawaii "Love The Ocean" and want to protect these beautiful creatures which we so rarely get to cherish.